09 April 2010

HGUC 032 Char's Zaku II WIP1

Here are the some pictures of my small experiment with Char's Zaku II. In this project, after from doing the usual thingy of building and panel lining, I started spray painting. I acquired this skill with Monkey-001's help. It was really a long story, but it started out when we decide to spray Unicorn's magnum rifle with Tamiya TS-38 Gun Metal

The one thing led to another, and now I am re-working 3 other kits simultaneously. The kits that I am working on now are; HGUC 101 Unicorn, HGUC 086 Nu and HG00 001 Exia. Hence the picture that I have posted yesterday with regards to Unicorn is actually very much dated. Both Unicorn and Nu is 80% completed and Exia has been disassembled. Trying to re-work all these kits has brought me a number of problems which I will discuss in more detail in another post.
Before that here are the tools/items that I have used to give this old Zaku some life (Will put up a separate post for some of the spray paints that I have been using):-

1) Tamiya Metallic Red
2) Tamiya Metallic Black
3) Pilot Super Silver Marker

Then, here are the WIP pictures:-

 Putting all the parts line together with double tape ready for spray painting

 One coat of Tamiya's Gun metal from different angle did the job pretty well

 Left: Original Color, Right: Spray painted Tamiya Metallic Red


Apart from the hand and leg, the body was spray painted as well but no pictures were taken. Same goes for some detailing using the Pilot Super Silver. 

However, I will post the teaser pictures as soon as very thing dries up properly and frankly speaking, I am really satisfied with this experiment. 

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for the next post with respect to Char's Zaku II.


  1. wow seems to look very nice~ gonna get some of it

  2. the Red and Gun Metal look nice... haven't see any obvious picture on the Super Silver yet, but definitely better than original color. Good Job

  3. hey thanks guys :) will let you guys see the final product soon..waiting for some components to complete the last 2% of this kit..


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