29 April 2010

[WIP] HGUC 101 Gundam Unicorn R-WIP1 Decal HELL !!!

Have you guys play those games that needs leveling up ? Just like Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactic Ogre and certain SLGs and RPGs ? Have you ever try to tackle monsters with levels that is way beyond your current skills/levels ? Just like a Level 12 Cloud fighting Level 45 Sephiroth at the end of Disc 1 ?

Me and my friend just did that.We both have no prior experience in water decals. Never heard of Mr.Mark Softer until a few weeks ago. And like some stupid newbie, we started decal-ing UNICORN for God's sake. I have heard stories of how much decals it has for the MG but is the story for the HG.

Same amount of decals applies for the HG BUT the catch is that the decals are much much smaller !!! Have a look at these pictures yourself |||
 Just look at the size of the warning decal !!!
 Sharp blade made it easy to cut out the decal or else it will take forever !!!

 That is Brunei's 1cent coin !!!


Unicorn, you better look good when all this is done. Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more pictures.


  1. Cool.. this is really cool XD

    When i first try water decal on my FG gundam, i already feel like quite challenging. After seeing your HG unicorn water decal... i have to salute you.

    May I suggest you seperate the part before you putting the decal, example seperate into hand, body, legs etc.. as your picture showing is your top body and both arms are join together right? better seperate it, in case the other decal will stick on your finger.. then your finger will become another 'unicorn' haha..

    And keep in mind, while doing water decal, DO NOT HURRY. Patiant you need ;)

  2. sure was !!!

  3. yo jojo...really i was impatient at first but now i am ok edi...haha...actually i have finished the kit and took will be posted next month


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