17 April 2010

SIC Kamen Rider Blade [Part 3]

Nothing much to say in this post. Just some more pictures of Blade and his weapons. Will post the action poses next though :) Here goes:-

Blade's weapons and exchangeable hands...

Note that these parts are actually very small and I must give 2 thumbs up for the details that the sculptor can put it. Must have taken alot of time to do so.
Stay tune for the final part for action poses. Thanks for viewing.


  1. This is Kiwami Tamashi right? I found mine super hard to pose with. Would rather have the SIC classic tho... too bad it's sold out everywhere >.<

  2. hey...astrayp03...ya that's the kiwami line...kinda hard to pose lo but cheaper :)...which rider do u have ? faiz ?

  3. Blade lol. It's my first rider. didnt know it was that small T.T
    might wanna get sic dark kiva n ixa in may ^^


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