10 April 2010

Project Ironman Mark VI WIP1

Today after lunch (8th April 2010), Me and my friend went to the local toystore Nanyang again. Was just planning to scout for some sprays for our next project involving 2 x HG00 kits and 2 x XN Raiser. But then some of their new stuffs caught our eyes. They took in some new stocks from Transformers and soon to be released Iron II movie.

Initially, we were just browsing around when this superbly detail figure of Ironman Mark VI stands there. It is the size of a MG but articulation of a FG. Nonetheless the detail of the figure compensated for the lack in other areas.

Here are some pictures of the figure. It cost my friend his fingernail, a broken pen and a broken key chain just to take this toy out of its box. What we did not have was a scissor to easily cut the "rope" off. It was knotted and then glued and then glued again to the box itself. Wonder how a 4 years old kid is gonna take this toy out. Hasbro |||

The gnawed opened packaging to Ironman Mark VI

Default Ironman color. Actually it looks good enough but I still want to re-work him.

Ironman Mark VI stripped of his painting. Just the ususal Mr.Hobby thinner is good enough to do the job.

Plucked off the head and re-panel line the figure. Took me about 30mins to do so.

Took the Tamiya Metallic Red and made Ironman IRONMAN...

Will put this aside for the time being and get some rest. Stay tune though for other updates. Thanks for viewing.


  1. ahhh... re-coloring ah? hehehe go go go!!!

  2. ya syful, trying out my spraying skills..haha...u long time din update ur blog man..


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