25 April 2010

[WIP] HGUC 049 Psycho Gundam WIP2 @ 85% Complete

Psycho WIP. This is one hell of a big kit. After spending the price of a MG on this kit, there is no way this friend of mine will leave it as it is out-of-box. If you guys refer to the previous WIP1 post here, you will find that it is totally different now even at 85% completion. At time of writing, the decal has been completed. What you will see in this post is only Pyshco partially decaled. AND we are still waiting (at time of writing) for MR.MARK SOFTER hence you will also notice that the decals are "patchy". 

Anyways, here is Monkey-001 in action. He is dusting off his Psycho for a photo session with me being the photographer :D. And the face is mosaic as he wish to remain anonymous :)

First look at Psycho :)
 Pretty wicked decals from Samuel...
 Don't mind the "patchy" nature of the decals. Waiting for MR.MARK SOFTER to solve the issue :) 


Groin thrusters spray painted with Tamiya Ferrari Red TS-85...
 Another quick size comparison. Both at 1/144...


Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more. Many WIP coming soon.


  1. For some reasons, I'm starting to get interest about this mecha and the Destroy Gundam from SEED Destiny. XD Nice decals you got there.


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