13 April 2010

SIC Kamen Rider Blade [Part 1]

Here we go again. Another small break from Gunpla even though there are going to be a lot of kits release this month. This post will show one of my friend Monkey-001's buy from eBay. I forgot how much this figure cost but its cheap. Both of us have been scouting for Kamen Riders SIC figures ever since we watched Kamen Rider Decade. But then again, those SIC are either too expensive or out of stock. 
Anyways, here we are. SIC Kamen Rider Blade. This figure is smaller than the usual SIC figures. Not too sure how the range of figures of SIC works though. Need more research. Here are some pictures of Blade before he is taken out for more pictures:-

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for the next post.


  1. it's a SIC Kiwami line, SIC kiwami line is smaller and cheaper from normal SIC line, but have little accessory and no metal part

  2. hey redmage, thanks for the info :) you planning to get any of this figures yourself too ?


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