19 April 2010

Mr.Hobby's Mr.Mark Softer

Finally the Mr.Hobby's Mark Softer has arrived. I bought it from for 200yen but the shipping cost 880yen. After conversion, this small bottle 40ml of slimy liquid cost me B$16.50. Anyways, I have not tried it yet but I have been hearing good things about it. I will use this guide here from Ghost of Zeon to experiment with Mr.Mark Softer.

Here are some of the pictures. Note that the packaging from HLJ is once again great. Just look at how much bubble wrap and the size of the box just for this small bottle.

And here is the magical solution that will make your Gunpla more realistic :D


Thanks for viewing once again and stay tune for more posts.


  1. dude, can you order me this?

  2. hey, syful. do you have a credit card ? why don't you just use it ? i remember u bought some stuffs from HLJ before rite ? it will be a hassle for me as i am offshore most of the time

  3. yeah I do, but for the time being, it's burning in my wallet for exceeding its limit hoho, still waiting for the right time to cool off..


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