22 April 2010

HWJapan Purchase...

I bought from HWJapan again. This time I manage to stop myself to get any Gunplas. Tough to resist though...haha...Anyways, this time round, I bought only action bases. I wanted to get it in Brunei but some "SHOP" sell the BOOTLEGGED at B$9.90 per piece which is the exact same price as the original. What are you thinking ? 

AND I bought these original action bases at B9.40 only per piece!!!!

Ya. Whatever..Here's the package via EMS.


 HWJapan uses local newspapers to cushion the goods as opposed to air pocket from HLJ...

 I bought 6 action bases altogether and 1 of them goes t my friend..

Took one deep breath and build all 6 bases with the help of Monkey-001. Me removing parts from runners and 1st phase de-nip then him 2nd phase de-nip then build. 

Grey for Nu, Clear Green for Unicorn, Clear red for Char's Zaku II and others for future kits...


Thanks for viewing. Stay tune for pictures and projects.

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